23 Lessons I Learned From My Father

A few months ago, I wrote about 23 lessons I learned from my mother, one for every year, since I’ve been born. Today, I’m going add 23 lessons I’ve learned from my father.

My father didn’t grow up with the best example, but that never stopped him from loving the most his heart could. I am incredibly lucky to have such a great dad and I wish that I could share him with all those that weren’t as blessed as I was. I know that isn’t possible, but my dad has been involved in many children’s activities over the years and I’m so proud to see that he has been a good example for so many other children, too. Please, enjoy these lessons I learned from my father.

23 Lessons I Learned From My Father

23 Lessons I Learned From My Father

  1. You can be aggressive without being the aggressor

  2. It doesn’t matter what you do with your life, it matters who you are.

    My parents always led a simple life, they didn’t try so hard to keep up appearances. The most important thing to them was that they did something they loved, not how much money they had. They both set a great example on how to live simple and not rely on money to make them happy.

  3. Don’t be afraid to make a joyful noise unto the Lord, even if you’re not a good singer.

  4. Don’t Do Drugs

    This might seem a bit odd, but it was one of my favorite memories of when I was younger. When I was little and my mom went shopping, sometimes we would stay in the car and wait for her. During these times, we would play a ‘game’ and he would try to get me to buy drugs and I’d have to tell him all the reasons I couldn’t get them. It was funny, but I learned a lot and all these years later it did keep me out of trouble. I always knew my dad loved me enough to tell me not to do them.

  5. Don’t hurry

    I’m a ‘do-it right now’ kind of person, and it’s hard to slow down and remember there will always be something else to do right now, so you might as well sit down and take a breather before continuing on your way.

  6. It’s OK to feel like giving up as long as you don’t.

    No matter what mistakes he makes or what people tell him he can or can’t do, he gets up each morning to face the day and do what he set out to do.

  7. Stand up for what you believe in.

    Again, this is something both my parents believe in and have shown an immeasurable amount of courage over the years to do this. I am very lucky to have parents that will stand up for what they believe in above all else, even when there is a paycheck at stake.

  8. Make sure your words count.

    My dad is a man of few words, and sometimes it’s like pulling teeth to get him to speak up, but when he does finally talk, he makes sure his words count.

  9. Protect those who can’t protect themselves.

    My father is a strong guy and he’s proud of that, but he doesn’t use that strength to hurt others, he uses to help others.

  10. When God tells you to do something, obey Him and do it then. He is trying to get something to you.

  11. To believe in power of prayer.

    When my grandmother, my dad’s mother died, I realized the power of prayer. She prayed for our family constantly, but it wasn’t something that I realized until after it was gone. The moment she died, I instantly felt as if something was missing and I can still feel it. Taking that love and prayer for granted is a mistake I won’t make again.

  12. Your struggles will only make your stronger.

    Both metaphorically and physically. My dad is a strong dude and he could probably snap just about anyone in half, but how did he get that way? By struggling, but he never quit. He enjoyed the sore muscles and worked through it all.

  13. Give back to your community and give often.

  14. A Father can be Superman.

    When you really need them, they will be by your side.

  15. Encourage Others

    No matter what I did in life my dad was one of my biggest supporters. He wasn’t the loud mouth at the events proving himself to all of his peers. He was the guy after telling me that I did great and he was proud of me. I wasn’t always wonderful. But he sure made me feel like it.

  16. If at first you don’t succeed, try again.

    This goes with number 15. He was always encouraging me and telling me I was great, even if I wasn’t. It gave me courage to try again even when I felt like dying.

  17. How to Forgive

    You’ve probably gotten the idea by now, my dad is a pretty laid back guy. He’s strong but gentle. Even when those who love him hurt him, he quickly forgives. He doesn’t dwell on the past with hate in his heart.

  18. When Momma Ain’t Happy, Ain’t Nobody Happy

  19. Hard Work Pays Off

    If you follow God’s will for your life, work hard and keep trying, things will work out. That doesn’t always mean you’ll have the fanciest house or car, but you see success in many other ways.

  20. Some Jokes Never Get Old

    But I wouldn’t test them too many times

  21. They’re Not All Bad

    Sometimes, it seems like there isn’t a good man left in the world.  Men are all over the news for hurting strangers and their loved ones. Sometimes it seems like people people just sit by and let it happen. ‘Boys will be boys,” they say. But then I get to thank God because I look at my strong, sturdy dad and see him use his strength to help instead of hurt others and I know there is hope in the world.

  22. When Things Go Wrong, You’re Family Will Always Be There

    My dad lost his job once and I’ve lost my job a couple of times, but each of these experiences has showed me what it means to trust God and love your family. Sometimes things are beyond our control, but God has something in store for all of us. In the meantime, we have to work together instead of blaming each other for the hardships.

  23. You’re Never Too Old to Call Him Dad

    Most importantly, you’re never too old to call him dad.
    Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers. Thank you for your dedication to your family and children, teaching them the best you can to be better people. Please, feel free to comment below on lessons your father taught you!


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6 thoughts on “23 Lessons I Learned From My Father

  1. Great post 🙂 I liked #5 and #13 best – we sometimes don’t pay enough attention to those two things.

    1. So true. Fortunately, I grew up watching two people who give of themselves daily. I didn’t always understand, but it truly is a blessing.

  2. You are the same age as our youngest child. What a sweet post about your Dad! You must have an awesome Daddy – best of all he knows the Lord and obviously taught you where you could find strength!

    1. Yes, he sure did! I have the best dad in the world, thank you for taking the time to learn more about him 🙂

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