Motivation Monday: Remember Our Father

Remember Our Father- the Giver of Life

It’s times like these that it’s especially important to remember our Father, our Heavenly Father, who is a giver of life, promise and future. These past couple of years have been filled with heartache with several mass shootings, natural disasters and so much sickness. In these dark times, He will bring us closer to embrace us with comfort and peace.

Also, Father’s Day is coming up soon. These holidays when everyone else is our celebrating with their father or mother can be incredibly difficult. I dread the day when I have no father to celebrate with and pray that everyone who experiences sadness on this Father’s Day will feel the peace of their Heavenly Father. Although, there is no replacement for our earthly father, our Father from above can love us more than any other person could. It’s important to remember our Father.

Need some Monday Motivation to start your week off? Just remember: “In the darkest days, when I feel inadequate, unloved and worthy, I remember whose daughter I am and straighten my crown!"

Although there is no replacement for our earthly father, he is flawed and human. Sometimes the flawed qualities lead us to experience heartbreak, disappointment and mixed with our own human flaws, we go down a dark road. At some point, we realize the consequences of our life choices, but it’s often too late. We experience more heartbreak, disappointment, inadequacy and we feel unworthy of love. Sometimes we get lost on these journeys and it takes us too long to get back home before we can repair the damage that’s been done to our relationship and sometimes it’s just too late.

It’s a heartbreaking situation, but one that happens over and over again. But the good news is that as long as we are alive, it is never too late to repair things with our Heavenly Father, who cares for us more than we could ever know.  He never leaves us and He stays by our side even in the darkest of times. If we will simply remember our Father, it is never too late. He provides all that we have and will never forsake us, no matter how long it takes us to get home.

It’s easy to live in the past, the regrets and think of all the things we should have done, but instead let’s remember our Father, all the joys, promise and future He has given us, straighten our crown and get our life turned around.

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