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5 Types of Business Videos To Grow Your Business

The days of the boring 30-second business videos or commercial that costs 1000s of dollars to produce and air are over. Businesses have more options than ever to share creative content that strengthens their brand and connects with their viewers. If done right, you can advertise your business without worrying the viewers will hurry to fast forward through your message.

Businesses have more options to share creative content to strengthen their brand and connect with customers. These business videos are marketing gold.

1. Vlog Business Videos

Do you have a blog for your company? Why, when you could have a vlog? These business videos could be marketing gold. Taking the same idea as my previous post ’10 reasons every business or product should have a video’, we can apply the same logic. People like being able to see and hear rather than read. They’re more likely to remember the content, see your personality and connect with you in a meaningful way. Best part? All you need is a webcam. No expensive equipment or crew. Just you and your sparkling personality. Why don’t I follow my own advice and have a vlog? My personality is drier than the Sahara and it’s best left behind the camera.

A great example of a vlog is here. Business guru Gary Vaynerchuk started this vlog to create buzz for his family’s wine business. On it, he riffs on subjects such as wine, marketing, and following your passions.

2. Culture Business Videos

Showing the culture of your business can go a long way in gaining employees and customers. Good content marketing makes your brand more human and more alive. These business videos do just that. There’s no better medium for tapping into human engagement than video. These videos can include slice-of-life employee interviews, game days in the office, pranks, birthday parties, and everything in between. The goal is to show that your brand isn’t just clockwork, but a human fabric with a lot of personality.  Again, the best part is it doesn’t require a huge production crew. Just a dedicated employee with a decent camera to capture those ‘office’ moments. Here are some examples of culture videos done right.

3. Event Business Videos

While these videos don’t necessarily sell products, they sell your company. These types of videos are extremely powerful because they are more trustworthy than a well-scripted promo video. A well-made event video content that highlights the best parts of a given evening, which conveys a depth of information about your company, product, and culture that is unrivaled by practically any other type of business video. Especially in this case, the point is made with action rather than words.

4. Product reviews and testimonial Business Videos

While these might be more obvious and straight forward, there is no denying their effectiveness. If you’re company is just breaking ground on your video page and are hesitant to put too much ‘entertainment’ out there because you don’t feel it’s relevant enough these might be the way to go.

There is this famous stat from Zappos where simply adding video to its product pages had a sales impact of 6 to 30 percent.  They didn’t even hire models or actors, just had their own employees step in.

Testimonials are also extremely helpful when using real customers. There is no denying whether there is a real person saying it or worrying whether a company paid someone to put in 100s of false reviews. Testimonials are great because they simply serve as social proof.

5. Tutorials/Explainer Business videos

These are another straight forward way to sell your product. If you’re product is something outside the box or might be a little hard to wrap your mind around, tutorials are for you. Explainer or tutorial business videos allow customers to see, in action, what it is they’re trying to accomplish to help them follow along at home. They can also be used to simplify hard concepts in a customer’s mind.

While these videos are great for establishing expertness and authority in a vertical, they also are great for capturing the all-important “how to”- and “hack”-themed queries in the search results. For queries that are especially competitive, targeting these phrases via video is easier than trying to gain rankings via traditional organic.

If you’re company is well-versed in video, please let me know in the comments how your company uses video.

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Businesses have more options to share creative content to strengthen their brand and connect with customers. These business videos are marketing gold.



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