10 Reasons Why Your Business or Product Needs a Video

There are 100s of reasons, why having a video is a good idea for anyone trying to sell their video or product. The most important is it brings a realness that neither a picture, nor just a plain description can hope to accomplish.

Some people think online videos are just a passing fad, but the truth is, it’s the future. YouTube is the worlds most popular search engine, second to only Google. That should tell you something. People love videos, trust them and rely on them, not only for entertainment, but also for information.

Why Video

According to this Forbes article, most respondents prefer video over white papers, case studies, even live demos with reps.

The reason we are so drawn to video over any other medium is simply people. We see their face talking about about the information, we hear their voice and the emotions of the presenter are contagious. Our brains are hardwired to put more emphasis on these points.

Check out this video or the picture above for even more reasons why adding video to your brand’s name will be the best decision you could possibly make.

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