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10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Video

There are 100s of reasons, why your business needs video. The most important is it brings a realness that neither a picture, nor just a plain description can hope to accomplish.

There are so many reasons why your business needs video. Adding video to your brand's name will be the best decision you could possibly make.

Some people think online videos are just a passing fad, but the truth is, it’s the future. YouTube is the worlds most popular search engine, second to only Google. That should tell you something. People love videos, trust them and rely on them, not only for entertainment, but also for information. Your business needs video so it can stay relevant in a fast-pace environment.

According to this Forbes article, most respondents prefer video over white papers, case studies, even live demos with reps. Your customers are why your business needs video.

The reason we are so drawn to video over any other medium is simply people. We see their face talking about about the information, we hear their voice and the emotions of the presenter are contagious. Our brains are hardwired to put more emphasis on these points.

Let me go into a bit more detail.

10 Reasons Every Business Needs Video

  1. Videos makes you more memorable.

    According to research, people tend to remember 20 percent of the things they hear, 30 percent of the things they see and a whopping 70 percent of what they see and hear together.

  2. Videos can improve your website’s search engine ratings.

    Google actively ranks websites with video higher than static websites. This increases your change of first page ranking 53 times.

  3. YouTube is the second most popular search engine.

    People obviously love videos, so having a video makes people more likely to find your products.

  4. It keeps their attention.

    Research has found that visitors to your website can leave within six second, if it doesn’t grab their attention. The average time spent on a website without video is only 48 seconds!

    Websites with video content grab attention and keep people there for approximately 6 minutes.

  5. It shows you’re human

    This is one of the most important reason your business needs video. Videos can show you’re not perfect or a big wig CEO. You’re an actual person. Videos are humanizing, which is important when trying to reach the average customer.

  6. It simplifies your message.

    Text is tricky, since there are so many ways people can interpret what they read. Explainer videos take the guess work out of explaining the usefulness and basic function of a product or service.

  7. It makes your content easier to share.

    Videos are easily shareable unlike a bunch of text from web pages. People are more likely to share and watch videos on the Internet than read text blocks on a website.

  8. It can streamline your message.

    In an attempt to bring more interest to a product, some business owners cram loads of pictures, flashy animation and colorful fonts on their web page. This often confuses the customer. Instead, take that creativity and put it in a video.

  9. It allows you to separate you from your competitors.

    Despite the obvious value of video in your marketing mix, most businesses, especially small and local businesses, still don’t have marketing videos representing their brands.

  10. Builds familiarity and trust.

The most important reason to have a video is it allows you to present yourself, your product or services on video. This helps build familiarity, trust, credibility and report. It gives your product and services a face and personality.

Why Video


Check out this video for even more reasons why your business needs video. Adding video to your brand’s name will be the best decision you could possibly make.

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There are so many reasons why your business needs video. Adding video to your brand's name will be the best decision you could possibly make.



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