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5 Books to Help You Stop Throwing Your Future Away

5 Books to Help You Stop Throwing Your Future AwayI had another opportunity for a guest post, this time for a book review blog called Lilac Reviews, a blog for any those who love to read and write. Definitely check it out, if you’re a book worm!

Here is a small snippet from that post:

I grew up in a small, conservative town in Oklahoma. As you can imagine that wasn’t the best incubator for a little environmentalist. Despite my mom’s best efforts to have good organic food in the house and tread lighter on the Earth, I wanted nothing to do with it until I was forced to take an environmental class. Long story short, this class totally changed my whole perspective on environmental issues, however, Oklahoma wasn’t the best place to cultivate the new passion I had.

Although there are many concrete environmental causes (not like global warming no one can see and the research is askew, but like water pollution, depleting forests, etc.) for some reason, reducing our waste and over consumption called my name. From that point on, I read every piece of information I could get my hands on.

Click to learn more about these books that changed my view of ‘trash’ forever.


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