Motivational Monday

Motivation Monday- Land on Your Feet


I’ve been inspired by the cat species lately and their ability to land on their feet. They also know how to say no and don’t feel bad about it, they are independent, they know the power of the nap, they’re never too old to still be curious and they don’t love just anyone- you have to earn it.

Need some motivation to start your week off? Just remember: "No man ever acheived worth-while success, who did not, at one time or another, find himself with at least one foot hanging well over the bring of failure." -Napoleon Hill

It’s no secret that I’ve been having a hard time lately, but lately I’ve been slowly making the trek upward. It was so slow moving that it didn’t take much for me to slump back down. One day after a series of pretty good days, I hit a snag, and I screwed up. I was embarrassed and being a bit hard on myself.

I went to work, still disappointed, but trying to be cheery. It wasn’t working, I was about to slump back down in my hole but then someone tagged me in a cat video. Then someone else tagged me a cat video. I don’t waste endless hours watching cat videos, but most people know I love cats. And I won’t lie sometimes the best medicine is a cat video. It got me thinking about the beauty that is the cat and all the life lessons I can learn from them. Just like in the quote, for the past few months I found myself hanging well over the brink of failure. Instead of being afraid, I need to jump and land on my feet, just like a cat. It gave me a good laugh. I picked myself back up, dusted myself off and got back to it. Just like cats.

After the second video, I just thought life is too short to get bogged down when there are cat videos in the world.

These couple of actions set off a chain of other positive things that happened to me. I was able to say no to things that weren’t good for me, as hard as it was to say no, but God has replaced those with positive things for me to say yes to. For the next few days, God, my friends and family, showered me with love. Most of those people didn’t even know how much I needed to hear the things they said, but God did.

Cat Videos

Today, I want to pass along the love and motivation with this list of my top 5 favorite cat videos. Learn from these cats- walk away from those who don’t give you the care you deserve, land on your feet, be independent, but don’t be afraid to ask when you need to be fed. Enjoy these videos!

Cats are always so cool and collected, but even they make mistakes, but they don’t stay down for long.

When life gets you down, take a video of all the punk things your cat does and make a video about of it

I can’t in good conscience tell you how many times I’ve watched this, but seriously, it never gets old.

Last, but not least, the Sad Cat Diary. The first cat video I ever fell in love with. Make sure your cat doesn’t feel this way!





10 thoughts on “Motivation Monday- Land on Your Feet

  1. This is such a great reminder and such an inspiration. I love to find inspiration from cats and even used them as an escape as a child. I dreamed about being a cat and not having to go to school… Good times!

  2. Cat videos what a hoot! They really are resilient creatures, though it has been years since I’ve been near them. We grew up with cats, but my honey is so allergic, that we’ve not had one in the 45 years we’ve been married.

    They sure are tough creatures though, and we could stand to be more like them.

    1. They are resilient! That’s unfortunate that you can’t have one, but we can always live vicariously through the videos!

  3. I love this post so much!! I think I’m going to go search for a cat video next time I’m having a hard time. I know they always make me happy, but I hadn’t thought that they could help get me out of a funk!

    1. lol, I don’t know, if they’ll help anyone else get out of a funk or not, but it certainly helped me and I’m glad you got a kick out of it!

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