Motivational Monday

Motivation Monday-Find Good in the Every Day

How to find joy in everyday life?

Sometimes it’s hard to find good in every day, but it can be done. What do you love? What makes you happy? Is there anyway to incorporate those things into your every day life?

Do you need some encouragement to get you started this week? Just remember: "Every day may not be good, but there's something good in every day."- Mr. Rogers Click more about how to find good in every day.


Mr. Roger’s Quote

“Every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day.”- Mr. Rogers

Find Good

I will be the first to raise my hand and say that I’m not the most positive person. It really is something I struggle with everyday, but it’s amazing how your perspective will change when you become passionate about something.

A lot of times it makes me more impatient because I want to get as many people on board to make the biggest difference in the shortest amount of time and that kind of mentality can be extremely discouraging. I’m kind of an all or nothing person, so when I feel like this is my life’s calling and it isn’t working out for some reason or another, it makes me question whether I’m on the right path. This doesn’t give the best environment for positive thinking.

But at the same token, with upcycling, my passion above all passions, every day is a treasure hunt. It’s a hunt to find good. I’m always working on some project or another, so I’m always looking for materials. The funny thing is the latest few times, I’ve left my house discouraged and wanting to give up on everything, I found exactly the thing I needed to keep me going.

Crocheting with plastic bags, plarn, has been my obsession as of late. I’m striving for 15 bags by the end of the year so I can give them away in a random acts of kindness project I help my mom with each year, I’m extremely slow and have a lot on my plate, but its one of my favorite things to do and I can do it pretty much anywhere. As sad as I am to find them in this way, I’m extremely excited to find plastic bags all around because that means I get to crochet with them.

How I can be so excited? Ask an obsessed crocheter about their yarn stash or when they get to buy new yarn. I joined a crocheting Facebook group when I first started crocheting a few years ago and I can tell you, I’m sane in comparison.

Finding Joy When Life is Hard

Anyway, I left the house in a hopeless mess, so I went to hang out at my one my favorite spots on the university campus right across the street from my house. On the third floor balcony of the Student Union there was big ol’ plastic bag. I find a lot of plastic bags in trees, ditches, blowing around in the street, but a balcony on the third floor? Its pretty unlikely with no way of really getting up there because it was pretty heavy and things tend to blow down instead of up, but there it was. I didn’t notice it when I sat down, but within a few seconds, it blew up behind me and there it was krinkling at me. When you are passionate about something, you can literally find good any where.

Some might say that story is just stupid. How can a plastic bag make me feel better when just 10 seconds before I felt like a complete failure in everything I believe in. But it’s about appreciating the small things, not being that all or nothing person I tend to be. Upcycling helps me appreciate things that probably no one else would be able to, but I see more than a plastic bag. I see a passion and it being crocheted into a bag for a homeless person, so they can carry around their necessities instead of a little Walmart bag that would tear so often.

Changing Your Perspective

You have to learn to see the small things for what they are. Signs that something bigger is coming, showing you that you’re on the right path and the universe, God, whoever it is, is looking out for you and is helping move things in place, so you can have that moment when things click.

Appreciate the Small Things

If you learn to appreciate the small things, then the big things won’t seem so direly needed in order to keep going. For some it might be the little kisses of their new child, for a gardener it might be the miracles of the new sproutlings, for a teacher it might be when a shy student smiles at them for the first time, or when a pet owner looks into the eyes of their pets. We all have different loves and passions, but its those things that will help us keep going and find good in each day, if we are paying enough attention to catch them.

Please share with me the small things that you look forward to in each day!

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