Motivational Monday

Motivation Monday- More Than Busy

 What Are We Busy About

We hear it all the time. When we ask our friends for help, try to sell a new product or encourage others to do something outside their comfort zone to help better the lives of others.

“I’m too busy.”

Need some Monday Motivation to start your week off? Just remember: "It is not enough to be busy; so are the ants. The question is: What are we busy about?" Henry David Thoreau


I used to be a much more passive person, I still am in some areas, but in other ways, I’m becoming more assertive. I used to think I was just crazy because my opinion is never popular, so I would stay back as to not bother anyone.

Embracing the Crazy

Maybe I am crazy, but I would rather be crazy than apathetic. I would rather be crazy for helping people than be crazy for not caring about anything at all, so I’ve decided to embrace my crazy and hope for the best. I’ll let you know how that goes… but so far it’s going great!

It’s been a process, but I’ve moved away from those apathetic people who make me feel like I’m going to scream and toward people who want to work to make the world better. Yes, sometimes I get bogged down with the day to day, but more and more I can get it done and move on to what makes my heart sing.

What are you Crazy About?

But today I’m going to challenge you. I get it. I’m busy, you’re busy, everyone is busy, but it’s important to sit down, look at your time and figure out what you’re busy about.

Are you crazy or busy or both? What makes your crazy busy or passionate? Environmental issues, human rights, gardening, shopping, creating something beautiful or useful? Are you crazy in a way that helps others or in a way that hurts others? Are you crazy because you’re mean or so happy that no one understands? Are you busy doing something that helps just yourself or your family, or are you invested in the bettering the world. Do your children and their activities dominate your time or do they see you standing up for what you believe in and helping others?

Finding Inspiration

When I was a kid, I focused on myself. I hated doing anything for anyone else, but my mom simply wouldn’t allow me to live that way. I didn’t like her for it then, but boy, I am so grateful that she helped me see a world beyond myself. My mom is extremely busy growing her own food, blogging, making a living through her day care. At the end of the day, she invests a lot of time into making the world a better place, not just for her family, but for everyone. She shares food from her garden, spreads education through her blog and teaches the kids morals and values they might not learn otherwise.

She also volunteers her time at church, supports fundraisers and does other charity work in her city. She’s my hero, so I’ve used her as an example. As you read this, you’re probably thinking of your own hero. Lots of people find a way to help themselves and help others too. We need to be concerned, when we are too busy to help others. Are we too busy to reach out and help someone in need? To help our fellow humans reach their dreams or get to a better place? I sure hope not because the world needs more people rising up. They can’t do that, if we are too busy to encourage them or help them succeed. Busyness kills dreams.

Share with me what makes you happy, crazy or crazy busy!

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2 thoughts on “Motivation Monday- More Than Busy

  1. I’m becoming more and more excited about permaculture. It’s a gardening method that allows the land to heal and at the same time is not as labor intensive as other methods because the emphasis is on perennial plants that don’t require the labor of planting over and over each year. I also love creating things that are beautiful and useful and uplifting to the spirit while conserving and reusing materials that would otherwise be wasted. I’m not a person who is rushing headlong into the next project, MySpace is slow and steady but I try to do what I can in a responsible and caring way.

    1. Yes, I love learning about permaculture. It is a much better way of doing things. I enjoy seeing all your work and it changes my perspective of how things can be used. Thank you for sharing what you are passionate about!

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