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My name is Kayla and I welcome you to Ever Change Productions! After graduating from Oklahoma State University in 2014 with a bachelor’s in multimedia journalism, I officially moved to Stillwater and started working on my first documentary on to reduce, reuse and recycle in Stillwater.

I always had a passion for environmental issues and positive social change initiatives, and my classwork helped me experiment with many types of mediums, such as graphic design, print, social media and of course, videos. All these were ways to show people what is happening to our world and also, how people are working together to fix those problems.

I fell in love with videos and the stories we can tell through them. They can show us things that words can never express, so I knew I wanted to make documentaries, help business grow and bring positive change into focus through videos. I got my first camera in 2014 with the money I had been saving over the years and I’ve been bringing positive change into focus ever since.

Other than environmental documentaries, I have a passion for supporting small businesses and non-profits through video. Small businesses are vital to our community and local economy, so we should do everything we can to help them succeed. Videos are a great way for them to get the word out about their products and services. Find out more here.

Please take a look at my blog for more information and updates of my journey into this uncharted territory.

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