The 20 Leadership Camp

The 20 Leadership CampOver the past few months I have been working for several months I have been working on a project for 20 Leadership Camp, which is based in Oklahoma, but they travel around to many different cities around the US and the world.

The 20 Leadership Camp is known as 20 Camp and the name comes from the Pareto Principle, which says 80 percent of the effects come from 20 percent of the causes. Their campsĀ  are for people who are looking to become better. They are a Christ-focused camp, so they have several activities that focus on being leaders in Christ and what that looks like. Their campsĀ  are for people who are looking to become better.

The mornings are started with a moment of prayer and self-reflection to help bring the campers lives into focus. After the day filled with activities, they spend the evening worshiping and meaningful messages.

They already had several hours of footage, but they needed some updated videos that showcased different areas of their camp.

All the videos are less than a minute and just about different aspects of the camp. I chose to make a video about their worship services and the role it plays in their camp, the benefits of volunteering with 20 Camp, how participants can benefit from 20 Camp, and an overview of the camp and the principle behind it.

My best friend worked with this camp, which is how I got involved with this project. I’ve never been to a camp, but I’ve heard such great things from my friend, so I was very excited when they asked me to do these videos.

Check out their website or watch the videos below to learn more about 20 Camp.

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