Progress at Ever Change Productions

Making progress over here at Ever Change Productions

There is still no progress being made with the documentary, Replenishing Stillwater, and I seem to have hit a dead end with people and locations, but I’m trying to think of another way to have the same information presented.

While I’m stumped on that, I have been spending a lot of time networking and creating new intros and putting new videos together.

The first is another typography piece, which was simple and straight to the point. You can check out Direct Effect Mobile’s Facebook page here.

I also got shoot and edit an event for the Stillwater Master Gardener’s class. Their subject of discussion was water conservation. They had a guest from the White Plains Coca-Cola plant near Oklahoma City come and give a demonstration on how to put rain barrels together using their syrup barrels. It was awesome to be able to meet with these people and help give them something to promote their group.

I made two versions, one that gave an overall view of the class and then one that focused more on the rain barrel promotion.


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