Little Sprouts Learning Garden- How to Garden with Kids

How to Garden with Kids

This video, How to Garden with Kids, is the last of the 3 major projects I’ve been working on for the past couple of months and it was by far the biggest project. There are so many benefits to being in the garden with kids. They learn major life skills and skills they can use in school, such as how to count with seeds, how to read labels, how to measure and so many more.

Christina Kamp, owner of Little Sprouts Learning Garden, and I wanted to give a comprehensive video to bring these amazing lessons to your home. It gives an in depth look on everything you need to know to be able to garden with your kids. On July 25, 2016, Little Sprouts Learning Gardening is now offering a free webinar to help you bring these lessons home.

How to Garden with Kids Video

Welcome to the Garden

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For those who don’t know, my mom runs a day care “Little Sprouts Learning Garden” from her home. I’ve done a couple of little projects for her about lessons she does with the kids, but she wanted a full blown video about how to garden with kids. If you want more information, here are the blog post featuring those lessons.

We included some of the older kids talking about their experiences and their parents talking about how the experience changed their kids. Some of these parents started their own garden after seeing their kids benefited from this program.


Every time I went home I would film a little bit and my mom would send me videos of things we couldn’t get while I was there then I filled in the rest with pictures.

There was a saying we learned in journalism school and it was “say dog, see dog” and though I keep it in mind with every video, it’s especially important for a how-to video. Basically, if you talk about something or how to do something, you should show that same thing.

For instance, with my mom’s video, she talks about how your soil should look. “You need good planting soil. You should be able to squeeze a handful of your soil and it should press together but not stay together like clay.” In this place, it was important to show what the soil was supposed to look like.

Of course, this is difficult to do with every second of the video, but it’s important to do it as much as possible.  And the ‘filler’ video for those parts that don’t really have a video to portray that particular subject then find footage that close relates. For instance, this whole video was about gardening with kids, so I wouldn’t go out and film a random meal at a nursing home. “Say kids, See kids.”

Start Today!

That little lesson aside, the most important point of the video is you do NOT have to know how to garden to start- my mom didn’t, modern farmers didn’t, the first farmers sure as heck didn’t. They learned and continue to learn from a very long process of trial and error. Some seasons will bring a great harvest, some won’t and sometimes you won’t have anything, but if you plant enough the probability that you will have something to show for your work is greatly increased. Don’t let fear or uncertainty hold you back when there are so many great benefits. Watch the video, learn the basics and just try. Your life and your child’s life will be better for it! Don’t forget to sign up for the free webinar here!





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