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Finally…Updates for Replenishing Stillwater

Finally...Updates for Replenishing Stillwater, and some other things too...

It’s been a pretty crazy couple of weeks around here. The group I’ve been mentioning Replenishing Oklahoma raised about $700 in donations for the animal shelters in Oklahoma and that’s only working in two cities. We’re not done yet! We will set up at the Stillwater Wal-Mart on Perkins from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on April 30th and we’ve gotten donation boxes set up all over campus.

I have been helping my friend over at Green Crumbs, set up his site and help post blogs. In May, I will be spending a lot more time on that. In the mean time, it’s a great blog, if you’re interested in learning about environmental issues all over the world.

I’ve been making some videos for Little Sprouts Learning Garden to help showcase the many benefits of gardening with kids. I will post about them soon, but for now you can see them here. I also worked with this wonderful woman to create a gardening class. I will be editing that soon and find some way to create an online gardening class. It should be interesting, so keep posted on that.

I have been working steadily on this documentary on how to reduce, reuse and recycle in Stillwater. My last update was a while ago, and though the progress I’ve made since really hasn’t been blog post worthy,  I’m quite proud of the progress I’ve made. I’ve taken all the interviews, transcribed them (which probably took about 11 hours total), worked on putting them into a script, edited, edited, edited, then put that into video form, edited out all the ums, and now I found a guy to do the voice over, so as he does that, now I am putting in the b-roll, or video helped to use break up interviews and reinforce the topics being discussed.

I have broken up the video into 4 categories, precycling (reducing waste before we even leave the store), recycling, repurposing and landfills. A few of these categories, I’ve gotten some of the b-roll for, but there were some that need a few minutes of something here and a few here, so I was waiting until I knew exactly what I needed before I got it.

This week, I worked on the precycling portion and there were two businesses in Stillwater mentioned to me in an interview. Postal Pack and Ship right in between Jimmy’s Egg and the Daylight Donuts, and Stillwater Shoe Repair on East 6th right by Auto Zone.

Both were so extremely helpful and passionate about their work. Part of the services Postal Pack and Ship provides, is taking used packing material and reselling it. The person, who donates gets a 50 cents off coupon for their next shipping need. Although, there is no way to tell how much he actually reuses, I could see from his set-up that he had collected quite a bit.

The Stillwater Shoe Repairman took me through each step or what it takes to repair a boot. I think shoes are probably the last thing that anyone tries to reuse, at least they are for me, so it was quite fascinating to not only learn that there is such a thing, but also to learn how it all works.

I spent way longer with each of these gentlemen than I originally thought I would, but they had such interesting things to say, I just couldn’t help it. My favorite part of this documentary is learning about all the unique and interesting ways we have around here to reduce, reuse and recycle. I encourage you to check these businesses out before, you waste money and resources to buy new shoes or packing materials.

Finally...Updates for Replenishing Stillwater, and some other things too...


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  1. I love your concept of precycling – a lot of people are so focussed on recycling and even upcycling rates that they end up consuming more stuff.

    1. Yes, this very true. Recycling isn’t the answer to all our problems and unfortunately, it does cause some especially if you’re state doesn’t have the right infrastructure. Thank you for stopping by 🙂

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