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Documentary Update

This weekend has been super busy with documentary filming and planning.

Although I still haven’t got an interview with the landfill people (I’m not giving up because I heard the person who used to be in charge has been transferred, so I will call the new person soon) I just happened to be there with a camera so I got some footage. Lucky me.

A green earth is a happy earth

The other thing I accomplished this past weekend is part of the precycling portion of the documentary. I went with my friend Ammid, who I met through another friend. I initially wanted to work with him because he was a dumpster diver, but I needed someone to film someone shopping in the store, so we could talk about precycling, or probably what most people call reducing.

Reducing is the most important ‘R’ of the three. Precycling is about reducing waste by avoiding items that will generate it, or selecting certain items that will generate less, or acquiring items that can be reused for something else. Remembering to precycle is the first step in reducing waste, recyclable or not. With recycling, resources are used, energy is consumed and a degree of pollution follows.

The greenest product is the one you don’t buy, but because we can’t live on air alone we need to make more informed purchase choices.

Although it’s not video related, my next blog post will talk more in depth about reducing your household trash because it plays a big part in the documentary. The post will talk about different tips and tricks to help save you money, time and resources.



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