5 Ways to Give Back to Our Furry Friends

Stray Animals Affect Everyone

Animal lovers unite! If it weren't animal shelters getting stray animals off the street, there would be a very real problem for everyone. It's time for us to give back to those who give so much to us and our community. Here's how!

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There are two types of people in the world: people who love animals and people who don’t. The funny thing is taking care of animals is everyone’s responsibility. Everyone is responsible for making sure animals are off the street, spayed and neutered so there aren’t more puppies and kitties than we have homes for, properly medicated with flea and tick medication and up to date on immunizations.  Otherwise, they cause problems for EVERYONE, whether you love animals or not, it might be your children who are bitten by a stray that could have been prevented, if people did their part to help with this problem. It might be your dog who is attacked with fleas and ticks because a stray dog came a little too close. It’s everyone’s problem.

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TBI Raiders

TBI Raiders

Courtesy of TBI Raiders website

My latest project was working with Alicia Murrie, Director of TBI Raiders. It was an awesome project to be apart of because she was so extremely passionate about her cause, which was helping people who suffered from traumatic brain injuries, succeed in both school and life.

She never stops working to the better the lives of TBI survivors through talking with politicians, hosting events to bring awareness and spreading her wealth of knowledge about TBIs.

It was an honor to work with her and further her cause. Check out the video here:

If you want to volunteer please visit her website. If nothing else, please show your support and like her Facebook page.